nature-inspired ceramic essentials


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  1. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Two Ridges gave me exactly what I was looking for. My mugs are awesome and will make a great addition to our family cabin!! Pictures once they arrive at their new home!

    Lindsay’s Cabin mugs

  2. Cindy (verified owner)

    I ordered a “2nd” version of this and I am telling you it is FANTASTIC! I can’t imagine this wouldn’t be a FIRST! It does it’s job so very well and so beautifully! Thank you thank you for such a unique item! I love it dearly!!

    Mountain wide rim tea steepers

  3. Cindy (verified owner)

    I love my mug and it came in such a timely manner and was so well packaged! Thank you so very much!! I wish it was a little larger but other than that I can certainly say I’ll be back to order more!!

    Cosmopolitan Cornbread mugs

  4. Michele H. (verified owner)

    Beautiful glaze, design and composition. Handle is well-balanced and the coffee tastes extra special in this mug!

    Cosmopolitan Cornbread mugs

  5. Kelcie Rogers (verified owner)

  6. Luis Grieco (verified owner)

    Communication was excellent and timely. Order shipped sooner than expected and the final product was amazing. Thanks so much 🙂

    Luis: custom mug

  7. M Catherine (verified owner)

    Gorgeous!! When I asked for a moon cycle steeper, I wasn’t sure what the answer would be. It came out so beautiful and I’m so happy with how it goes with my moon mug! Thank you so much for a beautiful piece to go with my collection!

    Katie Broderick: Moon cycle wide rim tea steeper

  8. Silvia A. (verified owner)