nature-inspired ceramic essentials


Here at Two Ridges Pottery we love to work with other small businesses, farms, homesteads, coffeeshops, companies, and more to create beautiful branded retail products.

Collaborating with and getting to know other business owners/farmers/etc is so exciting to us and we end up making a lot of new friends!

We offer both wholesale and preorder options for custom orders, so if you’re interested in partnering with us, click here.

Farms & Homesteads:

Geraghty’s Micro Farm, a small livestock & produce farm in Virginia, is run run by Dayna & Josh – they are some of the most friendly & helpful farmers!
Axe & Root Homestead of New Jersey offers a variety of homegrown products, including sourdough starts & elderberry syrup, and they have two gorgeous Clydesdale horses.
Sneed Acres of Arkansas raises goats, sheep, geese, and chickens, and Alysha makes wonderful soaps & scrubs for sale on their website.
Goat mugs for Flowertown Charm Farm, a small farm & AirBnB run by Jenna, offers goat yoga sessions in South Carolina.
Mountain mugs for A Wilderness Homestead in British Columbia, Canada – our first international farm to work with! They raise chickens, cows, produce, and more on their beautiful land.
Vases for Blumenwagen/Joli Jardin Farm, a local flower farm & flower truck here in Chattanooga that we’ve been partnering with – their flowers are beautiful!
Fallen Tree Acres, a small hobby farm of Georgia, is run by Andrea and they produce a variety of eggs from their layer hens.
Wild & Free Farm Village is an offshoot of the Wild & Free homeschooling movement and they have an awesome camp/homestead/retreat/activity center in Virginia.
Art & Bri have a homestead in North Carolina on which they raise goats, pigs, cows, chickens, produce, and 5 adorable children. Their youtube vlog is how we got connected.

Coffeeshops & Other Businesses:

Cadence Coffee is a small local coffeeshop with great lattes and a cozy atmosphere. These mugs are sold in gift packages with freshly roasted coffee, available in store.
Travel mugs for my favorite local yoga studio, Peace.Strength.Yoga. They offer amazing yoga & barre classes here in Chattanooga!
Beer cups for the Rhythm & Remedy music festival in Chattanooga this coming summer 2020. So neat to have our pottery be a part of a festival in our own city!
Mountains mugs are always stocked at Appalachian Coffee Company of Hendersonville, NC – this is actually where I (Tori) grew up, so it’s especially neat to have my pottery for sale here.