Hi, I’m Tori, the owner and potter here at Two Ridges Pottery. Myself, my husband Christopher and our goldendoodle Mable live and work in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.


My experience in ceramics started back in elementary school making little pinch pots and coil pots. In high school, I took a few pottery classes that sparked my interest in making my own work; that’s when I made my first 6-piece dinnerware set (that my family uses regularly when guests come for dinner!). Since then, my interest in the art of pottery has grown and now I’m finally getting to make a career out of it!

After I graduated college in 2018, I started throwing at the wheel and experimenting to find my own style, mostly for fun and because I missed getting my hands in the clay. Very quickly my hobby turned into commissions for friends, then custom orders for small business, and now into a real business that serves customers all over the country.

The name of my business, Two Ridges Pottery, comes straight from the inspiration of the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Asheville, NC area where I grew up. The “two ridges” are symbolic of one of my favorite views off of the Parkway, a place that my husband and I have done a whole lot of camping and hiking. Every piece of Two Ridges Pottery is handmade from start to finish, made with love and the hope that it’ll be enjoyed for a lifetime by whoever takes it home, a reminder of all the natural beauty out there.